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My cousins always rag on me. You see, they've been die hard Lions fans since they were born, and I must admit, I used to be as well. 

However, over the last few years I started realizing something. Why do I have to root for the worst franchise in ALL major American Sports (statistical fact) just because my parents decided to bump uglies in Southeast Michigan?

Truth is, no one should feel obligated to root for such a disastrous team with blatant ownership issues. Let's face it, they suck, and they will always suck until something major happens. No, I'm not talking about re-staffing coaches and personnel, because we've done that for 50+ years no with literally zero success. 

The only way I will give them a shred of hope is if the owners stop treating this franchise like a business and either SELL, or actually start caring about a winning culture instead of adding another "zero" to their bank accounts. 

With that being said, this site is dedicated to the realistic fans, the pissed off fans, and the fans who are sick and tired of the mental effort they have to endure with each and every Final score whistle. This is for you guys! I hope you enjoy what we offer you!


Online Store: Always Open Baby!

Customer Service Hours: Whenever we are stuck at the desk researching what new horrible records these guys have obtained!

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