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Have questions ?


They might be answered in our FAQ.
We tried to cover just about everything you need to know.


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I’ve found the shirt I want but can’t select my size


If sizes are out of stock, we can send a reminder when those sizes become available. If you're looking for a custom size that isn't offered on our site, contact us and we will see how we can help!


Has my order been sent yet ?


All orders are made from scratch, by hand, the old fashioned Detroit way! If you're experiencing a longer than normal delivery time (like us waiting for a Super Bowl Trophy) please contact us immediately and we will make it right.


Part of my order is missing


We suck! Shit happens sometimes, but we are in the business of always taking care of our customers. If one of our employees "fumbled" on your order, please get in touch immediately and we will get the correct items to you quicker than the Lions blowing another 4th quarter lead!


Which methods of payments can I use?


We except most forms of payment except gold shillings and I-O-U's!!! 


Is it safe to order online?


You live under a cave? Absolutely it is! Our CMS is used by hundreds of thousands of companies, on the worlds most secure online platform. Rest assured your information will never be sold, given, or used in any manner other than which you intend!


Can you give me more information about the type of apparel?

Yes, we can send you fully detailed descriptions from our manufactuerer. Just shoot us an an email or submit the contact form on the Contact Us Page.


Can I track my order ?


Yes! Once your order is complete you will receive updated tracking VIA email, and you can track your shipment until it reaches your doorstep! 


You’ve sent me the wrong items


Uh-Oh! Interception!! This also may happen during the fulfillment process. Reach out to us immediately and we will send you an old fashioned "Hail-Mary" (like Aaron Rodgers does to us) and get you your proper items ASAP!


I forgot to use my discount code


Not a problem! Shoot us a message with your order number and discount code, and if it's valid we will apply it to your order and refund you the discount! 


Delivery - How much is it and how long does it take?


Delivery is about 3-5 business days, as we make every order as it comes in! The cost will vary on location and how much is ordered. That total will be reflected live in your cart during checkout!

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